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Practicing Chiropractic for the past 18 years in semi-rural California.  Serving patients from newborn to geriatrics (0 to 102) with emphasis in pregnancy, prenatal and neurodevelopment.  Utilizing techniques ranging from Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Arthrostim Impact, Craniosacral and extraspinal.    My hope in practice is to influence the health of the future generations from prenatal care on up creating a healthier population.

Our community population ranges from stay-at-home moms, ranchers, farmers, businessmen, nurses, doctors, teachers and government employees.  Our practice is seen as alternative health with chiropractic being the center and other modalities like cold laser, red light therapy and vitamin/nutritional counseling provided adjunctively.  Recently, we have added some Chirothin/weight loss to our practice, helping patients to achieve their desired weight loss through eating whole foods in conjunction with nutritional counseling.

Team Member


Melissa Fitton

Account/Office Specialist
Experience: 18 years with our practice

Kristin Jacobsen

Chiropractic Assistant
Experience: 10 Years as our team member

Amber Bush

Doctor of Chiropractic
Experience: 18 Years as Owner/Operator