About Company

Welcome to your next great opportunity in this amazing ChiropracTIC profession!

Our principled chiropractic office is fast paced and simple – focus on the power of the chiropractic adjustment. We are looking for a passionate chiropractor that is looking to deliver the gift of chiropractic through our shared mission of improving the quality of life our patients through routine chiropractic care.

The office is located in rapidly growing Gilbert, AZ. The location is surrounded by many restaurants and retail establishments. The revitalized downtown Gilbert area is a great place to unwind in your downtime outside of work.

Our patients range from young children to their grandparents, athletes and weekend warriors. We focus on a wellness care based model employing Diversified, Activator and Thompson Drop. Our focus is making care accessible and convenient for people to receive the health promise of chiropractic on a regular and routine basis.

What Can You Expect in Our Company Culture?

We know that only through taking care of our own people, can we truly serve our patients to the best of our abilities. We expect excellence from our team and we train to help you achieve that and feel a true sense of contribution to the mission we share. We are a team with a shared purpose to serve more people through chiropractic.

Who We Want to Join Us…

Are you a chiropractor that thrives in a fast-paced, high energy environment with great hands and a passion to deliver chiropractic care without the additional load that physiotherapy procedures add to your workload? Do you want to simply focus on the power of the chiropractic adjustment and help people health from the inside – out?
Do you want to see your patients regularly as they share with you their weekly progress? if you are still reading, then you are likely the type of doctor – and amazing human being – that we want on our team.


The Basics That Our DC Candidates Must Possess…

-Passed all boards or be in the process of awaiting results

-Has a license to practice in AZ or is in process

-Has an accountability and responsibility focus to their role
-Is reliable and consistent in their responsibilities as a part of our team
-Has a high moral and ethical standard
-You must be eager to develop personally and professionally
-You like being part of a team that wins together; you like bonuses based on your team achieving goals and milestones together

Roles and Responsibilities:

Patient adjustments, perform new patient and existing patient consultations and exams, team meetings, proper documentation and note taking, continuous training, team building events, various shared office administrative duties.


You will be part of a team. You are not alone in this Chiropractic calling and profession – you will have training to be as successful as you want to be! $85,000 – 90,000 annual base salary. Monthly clinic-based milestone bonuses. Your contribution to helping your clinic grow will be rewarded financially. We will not participate in the old chiropractic story of ‘eating our young’. You will be compensated fairly and properly, in alignment with our agreements upon joining our team. There won’t be any surprises or bait and switch moves with your salary or bonuses.

Other Benefits:

-paid malpractice

-paid time off

-contribute toward your yearly CE credits

-health/dental/vision coverage

Our promise to you is that you will be part of a team that has fun doing what they love and is contributing to a greater health outcome for people entering your practice.

How Do You Apply?

Submit a letter sharing why you think that you are the right person to join our team. We’d love to hear what your dreams and goals are in chiropractic. Please share any information you feel will help us get a better sense of who you are and what you feel is special about you.

Looking forward to speaking with you!