CENTRAL COAST OF CALIFORNIA:  Looking for a student intern or licensed Chiropractor who can demonstrate ability to grow a practice. We are well established in San Luis Obispo and work hard to earn the respect and confidence of our community on a daily basis. The Central Coast of California is a phenomenal place to live and work. Our ideal Chiropractor is energetic, kind, skilled and cares deeply about people, community and serving our wellness base that has been growing since 2003. Diversified Technique primarily utilized for spine and extremities with adjunct procedures including Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Myofascial Release, Graston, Low Level Laser, and Kinesio Taping. Experience in Pregnancy and Pediatric Care a plus.

Visit our website at www.slowellness.com or @slowellness(instagram).  Applicants may apply to drsachs@slowellness.com with a resume and cover letter.