HOURS: Up to 20 hours/week

WAGES: $16/34/hour – 1 on 1



Assist a student with visual impairment during lab classes by pairing with the student during labs and describing or guiding them through the mechanics and dexterity requirements of lab activities, e.g. conveying visual details, lifting, pouring, writing, palpating, locating and identifying structures, etc. Lab Aides do not act as tutors or note takers.


1. Must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher.
2. Student should be ahead of the student in the curriculum; may be enrolled in the same class as long as the student already has subject area knowledge so the position does not interfere with the student aide’s learning.
3. Scribing during Health Center hours, including Saturday mornings.
4. Effective communication skills and ease in relating to people.
5. Responsible, professional, flexible, and dependable.
6. Responsive to e-mail communication.
7. Effective time management.
8. Service dog friendly.
9. Confident and outgoing personality.
10. Experience with lab and safety protocol.
11. The aide may be evaluated by the student the end of the quarter.


Available on a quarterly basis depending on the need of student(s) with visual impairment.