About Us:
Los Gatos Chiropractic and Wellness Center is a  multidisciplinary Wellness Practice specializing in women’s health located in Los Gatos CA. Our team includes chiropractic, acupuncture, Pilates, and massage. Our goal is to provide the highest level of health care to all of our patients. We are looking to add a committed and hard working chiropractor to the team!

This is a full time position where you will directly work with patients of the practice and also coordinate care with the other practitioners. The right person for this job is a motivated team player who is consistent, hard working, excited about the possibility of growing and being of service.


Our Values:
WE HAVE FUN! We infuse fun throughout the day, creating a light hearted welcoming environment for everyone who walks through the door.

WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND: If we see an area where we can step up and provide support we immediately jump in. We are resourceful when it comes to serving our community and we provide value, so they always know we have their backs.

WE HAVE INTEGRITY: We live in alignment with what we are saying and teaching. Our actions mirror our words.

WE ARE COMMITTED: We are dedicated to our own growth and education. We are committed to the highest quality patient care, with a high attention to detail and most importantly the experience our patients have when interacting with us. The bar is set high and we don’t settle for mediocrity. Our entire team is constantly looking for ways to improve, making everything we do even better.

WE ARE CONSISTENT AND DEPENDABLE: We show up when we say we will consistently. We are reliable, trustworthy, and honorable with ourselves, and our patients/clients.

WE ARE COMPASSIONATE: We are compassionate to ourselves and all beings who enter the office, offering heart-centered listening and empathy at all times.


General Info on the Position:

30 hours per week

Salary:  Commissioned base pay with an hourly rate for work done outside of seeing patients.

Paid time off


Your Responsibilities will Include:

Delivering high quality chiropractic care to patients
Coordinating care with the other providers
Attending a 30 min staff meeting 1x per week
Charting after each patient visit
Contributing to maintaining and building your schedule of clients
Working directly with the CEO/chiropractor 1x per week, using this time to learn new skills or hone current skills. This is a learning/mentorship meeting.
Some Marketing; ie occasional writing about chiropractic or other health related topics for newsletter, 2 instagram posts per week,  creating and putting together one talk every other month,  offering 3-4 classes or workshops per year on any health topics of your choice. This can be pre-recorded, done on Zoom or in person.
Must be interested in women’s health.
** Bonus if you are interested in working with pregnant and pediatric populations, as well as functional medicine.



Must be licensed in the state of California
Willing to work with a team
Consistent with your time and schedule
Hard Worker
Mature and Stable, no drama – even when things go wrong
Must be good at connecting with people
Willing to learn and grow



You are a go getter and love working with a team of passionate, high performing health care providers
You are here for the long haul and open to the possibility of growth in the company
You don’t back down from a challenge and are willing to learn new things
You love to have an impact on the world by being of service to your patients and the community.
Are self-motivated to create but also love to work with a team.
You are open to learning new things.
You are willing to put your whole self into the job.
You love to have fun and feel supported by a great team.


Here are the Perks:

Working for us means that you will get:

Experience working in a clinical setting with multiple practitioners.
Learn about marketing, business and patient retention.
A chance to grow as a person and as a chiropractor. We aren’t afraid to share what we know to help you become a better human. We are all on the learning journey together!
Competitive Compensation.
Full health benefits for employees that work 30 hrs/ week.
We pay for your malpractice insurance



If you think you are in the top 10% of the perfect candidates for this position, email info@losgatoswellness.com with the following:

Please send us your resume and a short paragraph on why you feel you would be a good fit for this position.
Use the subject line: 3 Kitty Cats in your email (So we can see that you are paying attention)

We will review all applicants and reach out immediately if you are a good fit for the next step in the process.

You can visit our website to learn more about us here:https://www.losgatoswellness.com