LEARN and EARN big in our busy 21 year old practice.
We’re looking for a hard-working, high energy chiropractor with excellent communication skills, to join our team. We’ll train you in every aspect of practice success including high-quality chiropractic care, effective marketing tools and how to run and how to run and manage a high-volume practice. We love chiropractic, our patients and our team. You’ll gain experience and confidence you need to be successful in the practice. We work hard, pay well and we are proud of what we have to offer. We’re in the family friendly community of Prescott Arizona with excellent recreation opportunities, good all year weather, close to Phoenix and Flagstaff. If interested and if you’re fun to work with, please send résumé to joannechiro@yahoo.com or call 928-713-0160, check out or website www. precisionspinalcare.net