Seeking: Chiropractic Associate.
My practice is very, very busy with a long wait list for existing and new patients.

I am seeking a California licensed chiropractor to work as an employee of my chiropractic corporation, Sylvia Skefich Doctor of Chiropractic A Professional Corporation.

I used to have a team of cranio-sacral therapists to help with the work load, and now I seek a chiropractor.

I would personally train the new chiropractor in cranio-sacral techniques. The greatest qualifying factor of an applicant would be that the person wants to become a “cranio-sacral chiropractor.” Some experience with subtle techniques should be in the applicant history, at a minimum. Experience with and love of cranio-sacral therapy would be ideal.

This cranio-sacral style of work is a “niche” that has allowed my business to stand out from all other chiropractors, is sought out by new patients, and is very effective for pain and injury and nervous system conditions. Cranio-sacral combines well with other techniques, such as chiropractic, and orthopedic massage.

The new hire would receive 80% of their collections. Front desk staff and all scheduling is provided by my office. I project that the chiropractor would be up and running with 20 hours per week (including paid training and patient hours) within the first month of hire, and up to full time if desired within 3 to 4 months. Negotiations for making it work financially are invited.

Text on my cell phone at 831-475-1995 is best way to reach me for this purpose.

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Check out our “sister” business Facebook page for The Better Energy Shop (a retail environment in the same building that helps with our scheduling and transactions, as well as their own sales and services). Both businesses owned by Sylvia Skefich.


My office is in the heart of the Pleasure Point district of Santa Cruz, CA. Beach, cafe’s, shops, restaurants, and health food stores are all nearby.