Dear colleagues and friends,

If you know of a recent chiropractic graduate that is looking for an amazing opportunity, our office may be it.

If you know a DC that has been practicing for three to seven years and is not having as much fun as they should, that often means they’re not making the money they could and we may have an amazing opportunity in our office for them.

If you know of a DC that has been in practice for over seven years and loves taking care of patients much more than they love running a business, we may have an amazing opportunity in our office for them.

Whether you are new or an established DC, if you’ve got a love for helping people and want to remove most of the stresses of running a business (rent, insurance, taxes, managing people, etc.), we may have an amazing opportunity for you.

Our office is in the beautiful Biltmore District of Phoenix. Phoenix is a fantastic place to raise children and grow a family. We have unlimited activities and are surrounded by spectacular nature as well as many great restaurants. Culture abounds in our town.

We offer a fantastic work environment, guaranteed salary of $8,000 per month, excellent bonus system on top of that salary and full benefits including personalized life coaching, insurance and retirement. If this opportunity sounds appealing to you, please send your resume today to:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Anthony Montoya

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