HOURS:   2-5 hours per week. Students may work additional hours some weeks per their availability. Hours will be adjusted on a rolling basis in order to not exceed the student’s quarterly WS award.

WAGE: $18 – $20/hour, depending on qualifications

JOB OUTLINE: Successful candidates may be tasked with various Research Support activities, such as data entry in Google Sheets or Excel; note-taking at IRB meetings in Google Docs or Microsoft Word; assisting data collection (ex. scheduling participants for appointments, administering WAVi EEG scans); acquiring, organizing and summarizing previously published studies relevant to current LCCW research (using PubMed and EndNote).

Upon successful interview and hire for this position:

1) Within 1 week of hire, The Work-Study student must produce documentation of their certification in “Protecting Human Research Participants” (PHRP). The dated PHRP completion certificate must be printed out and provided as a hardcopy record to the work supervisor (Dr. Krista Ward). PHRP Certifications obtained within the previous 3 years (e.g. CITI, NIH) will be accepted as fulfillment of this requirement.  Introductory-level PHRP training and certification is provided for free online, by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). The free introductory-level ACRP course, entitled “Ethics and Human Subject Protection (Comprehensive Introduction)” is a comprehensive on-demand eLearning course for in-depth training on the history and importance of ethical conduct in clinical trials involving human subjects, and will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete, as per the website:

Ethics and Human Subject Protection: A Comprehensive Introduction

2) Within 1 week after providing their hardcopy PHRP certification, The Work-Study student will then schedule a training session with the work supervisor (Dr. Krista Ward or appointed Research Staff) to learn about general and project-specific office operations and study protocols.

3) The Work-Study student will work on-site (LCCW Research Offices) during hours that the campus is normally open. With prior agreement and arrangement with their direct research supervisor, the Work-Study student may work remotely. The Work-Study will meet per agreed schedule, with the work-study supervisor to report work progress and receive new work assignments as needed. Student Work-Study will complete all task work assigned during specified work periods, and at the end of each assignment, transfer all completed reports and all study materials to the work supervisor.


Computer literacy using word processing and spreadsheet software. Ability to faithfully adhere to study protocols and to work with minimal direct day-to-day supervision. Internet access (e.g. for completing initial PHRP training online, and for dependable communication via email, etc).

Past experience or training in conducting literature reviews using citation management software; managing data or conducting data analysis (qualitative and/or quantitative data); and/or recruiting research subjects is a plus and will be considered in determining final job title (WS-RA Level I or II) and corresponding wage rate.

SUPERVISOR: Krista Ward, DC, MPH; Research Specialist

Reviewed and Updated Date:  9/14/2022 rev(2)