HOURS: Up to 10 hours/week
WAGE: $16.34/hour


Peer Mentoring is a validated method of Higher Education Supplemental Instruction. In
the LCCW Health Center, Peer Mentors provide advice to interns regarding their file
construction, preparation for CMR, use of ChiroTouch and help interns learn how to
navigate the system. HC Peer Mentor can sign off on check lists prior to CMR, but
cannot authorize care or approve or sign any other documents. They are there as a
supplement to other instruction.

● Provides feedback to interns to assist with the various paperwork and other
efforts to prepare to efficiently navigate processes and procedures of the Health
● Helps interns prepare for CMR, ROF and PVE.
● Helps interns learn and navigate ChiroTouch, including but not limited to
scheduling, entering SOAP notes and using macros.
● Can sign off on the CMR checklist (cannot approve care plans or sign off on
other documents, that require a licensed chiropractor to approve)
● Assigned ten hours per week to assist Faculty Mentors as needed.
● Cannot perform normal intern functions during assigned hours.


● Must have a federal work-study award
● Must be enrolled in clinic four during service
● Must have recommendation of the intern’s faculty mentor
● Must be in good academic and clinical standing
● Excellent oral and written communication skills
● Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
● Excellent people and management skills
● Ability to multi-task and problem solve
● Must be self-motivated

SUPERVISOR: Dr. Lauren Clum